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These guys are great!! Diagnosis technician is the best in town! I'll never take my vehicles anywhere else. Thank you LT!

— Dusty Gross (Google)

Mark, the owner, stands by his work. After having oil cooler lines replace, and then leak, and then be replaced again, one of them blew... and then my engine wouldn't turn over. No questions / no hassles, they installed a new (refurbished) engine in my 1999 Suburban and took care of everything at no additional cost to me. (The employee who did the oil cooler lines is no longer employed there.) Bottom line, what could have been a very heated back-and-forth, while certainly not convenient for me, was handled very professionally. Simply put, they did what was right! Hats off, b/c seems like very few people do that any more!! LT Automotive has earned my longtime loyalty.

— Shane Johnson (Google)

LT Automotive did a great job replacing the starter on my 1995 Saturn. This was a knuckle-busting kind of job that I was happy to pay someone else to do. They completed the job in one day and the price was right.

I highly recommend you talk with Mark, Bruce and the crew at LT Automotive about repairs and regular service for your car or truck.

— Charles White (Google)